DJ Riri Mestica at Retrospective Club – Medan! (Party Reviews)

Date : Saturday, May 21th 2011.
Venue : Retrospective Club – Medan.

Last Saturday night was an amazing night for Medan’s partygoers because one of the most popular Indonesian’s DJ “Riri Mestica” was coming in town and playing his tune at Retrospective Club – Medan. DJ Riri Mestica was known for his signature style, which is a combination from pure house, tech house, progressive house, electro house with a little touch of techno and dubstep elements. He won “REDMA 2010 DJ Of The Year” and “PARANOIA AWARDS 2010 Producer Of The Year” for his hard work in 2010.

Looking at the atmosphere that night at Retrospective Club was amazing with a lot of people who coming to the show. The party itself started from 10pm. DJ Riri Mestica was scheduled to perform around 1am. The more time passes the Retrospective Club’s dance floor was full of people who wait for DJ Riri Mestica. Around 1am DJ Riri Mestica appear at the DJ booth and ready to rock on the dance floor. He took control the crowd from the DJ booth with a nice array combination setlist from the latest dance music anthem with a couple of popular tracks taken from his albums. On that night DJ Riri Mestica made a special collaboration with Sara Wijayanto. When they perform “Goodbye Silence” a track which is taken from UNSPOKEN album it’s totally creates mayhem on the dance floor. The crowd didn’t hesitate to raise their hands, laugh, smile, taking pictures while dancing – hypnotized by his music. It was a great experience when seeing the crowd was having a great night.

Big thanks for Medan’s partygoers for the energy!

Don’t forget to check DJ Riri Mestica schedule gigs at twitter : @riri_dj and @ririmestica

A photo took when they perform together :

Words /
DJ Haji

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